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SPJ accepting nominations for new Capitol Correspondents board

Last week the Wisconsin Capitol Correspondents Association dissolved. In its place, a new Wisconsin Capitol Correspondents Board will take shape. It will consist of five members from the following:

• A representative for Television Stations • A representative for Radio Stations and Radio Networks • A representative for Wire services that routinely have material published through news outlets of general interest • A representative for Paid, subscription-based information services published on a regular basis • A representative for newspapers of general circulation

The board will establish criteria for credentialing journalists who cover the Legislature and have floor access. That criteria will be forwarded to the Legislature, which will have the final say on credentialing and floor access for journalists.

The SPJ-Madison executive committee will appoint the board. Those interested in being named to the board should email SPJ at: SPJMadisononline@gmail.com and me at MPitsch@madison.com.

Applications will be accepted up to Jan. 15, with the appointments to be made by Feb. 15.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me at 252-6145.

Mark Pitsch, SPJ Madison pro chapter president


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