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SPJ business meeting Jan. 30

SPJ: Madison Professional Chapter 7:00 p.m., Vintage Brewing Company, 674 South Whitney Way, Madison


Jan. 30, 2012

I. Call to order II. Treasurer’s Report III. Membership Report IV. President’s Report A. Watchdog Awards B. SPJ-sponsored Madison School Board debate C. SPJ-WNA event D. Website V. Discussion/Action: Regular business meeting date/time: 7 pm, first, second, third Mondays of the month? Vintage? Memorial Union? VI. Discussion/Action: Contribution to Watchdog Award VII. Discussion/Action: Next Training: May 11, social media? VIII. Discussion/Action: Sunshine Week IX. Discussion/Action: Publicizing Awards X. Discussion/Action: Midwest Journalism Conference XI. Discussion: Bylaws XII. Discussion: Mentoring XIII. Discussion: High School Contest XIV. Discussion: Non-profit status XV. New Business XVI. Adjourn

Votes could be taken on any Action or New Business item

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