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SPJ delegates reject name change

NEW ORLEANS – Delegates to the Society of Professional Journalists’ annual convention last week voted against renaming the organization.

By a vote of 57-44, delegates rejected a proposal to rename the 6,800-member group the “Society for Professional Journalism.” The proposal has received an increasing number of votes since it was first suggested several years ago.

Proponents said such a name change would more accurately reflect the membership because not all members are journalists, and would better advocate for the profession. Opponents said the focus of the organization should be on those who practice journalism.

Delegates also backed a proposal to create a new “supporting member” category.  Delegates also:

  1. Urged President Obama to abandon restrictions on access to government information and officials.

  2. Backed enhanced protections for student journalists.

  3. Backed transparency in media ownership.

  4. Endorsed the right to report on political campaigns.

  5. Tabled a proposal opposing mandatory “trigger warnings” on college campuses.


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