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SPJ Forum: What’s next for Wisconsin after the recall?

SPJ Forum

SPJ Forum on putting Wisconsin back together

Gov. Scott Walker made history by easily surviving a recall election, but the stalemate in Wisconsin will continue as Democrats claim control of the Senate – at least until the next election.

Wisconsin has been as polarized as ever in the last 15 months in the wake of momentous changes to public worker collective bargaining engineered by Walker and his Republican legislative colleagues. Now, both Walker and his Democratic opponents pledge cooperation. But how?

The Madison pro chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists explored whether and how the state can repair its fractious political and social life with a panel discussion featuring former Gov. Tony Earl, a Democrat; former U.S. Rep. Scott Klug, a Republican; and UW-Madison political science professor Katherine Cramer Walsh, who has researched the political, social and cultural lives of Wisconsin residents.

The session was held Thursday, June 21, in the On Wisconsin Room of UW-Madison’s Red Gym, 716 Langdon St. It was free and open to members of the public, who had an opportunity to comment on what’s next for Wisconsin and to ask panelists questions.

Governor Earl said, “I don’t know how we’ll ever put the genie back in the bottle. We can’t go back (to politics the way it used to be) but there are some things we can do.”

Congressman Klug said, “Wisconsin is not an aberration. Wisconsin is what’s wrong with politics everywhere.”

Professor Walsh said, “The greatest potential for healing is for people to be willing to listen to people on the other side of the issue and recognize the legitimacy of their views.”

You can listen or download the forum audio at: http://yourlisten.com.

View the session on Wisconsin Eye here.

A column by Katherine Cramer Walsh

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