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SPJ Madison bylaws


Article I – Name and Purpose of Chapter

Section 1– The name of this organization shall be the Madison Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Section 2 – The purpose of this Chapter is to support journalists and journalism, promote strong journalism ethics and standards, and help the community understand the work of journalists.

Article II – Membership and Meetings

Section1 — The Madison Pro Chapter is organized under the auspices of the national Society of Professional Journalists and shall adhere to its bylaws, unless otherwise prescribed herein. All members must be in good standing of the national Society.

Section 2 — For the conduct of Chapter business, a quorum shall consist of no less than one-third of the members in good standing, or a majority of the executive committee. Action shall be by majority vote of members present. Notice of meetings shall be made at least seven days in advance. Only members in good standing shall be eligible to vote in chapter elections.

Section 3 — Bylaw amendments may be offered at any Chapter meeting but shall not be acted upon until a subsequent meeting after at least seven days written notice has been sent to the members.

Section 4 — The organization shall be guided by Robert’s Rules of Order for parliamentary procedure, except as otherwise noted in the bylaws.

Section 5 — The Chapter may meet in conjunction with other journalism organizations not affiliated with SPJ but members of those groups may not vote on the official Chapter business.

Article III – Chapter Officers

Section 1 –The Chapter shall have as officers a president, a vice president and a secretary-treasurer. These officers shall be elected annually at the meeting scheduled closest to April 1. Terms shall be for one year. Nominations may be made from the floor of the meeting designated for the election. Paper ballots shall be used if requested by any candidate.

Section 2 – An executive committee may be created to consist of officers and one or more past presidents. The executive committee may act on behalf of the Chapter. Action shall be by majority vote.

Section 3 – Other committees shall be formed, and chairpersons appointed, at the discretion of the Chapter president.

Section 4 — The president shall chair Chapter meetings and assume other duties overseeing the Chapter. The vice president shall chair chapter meetings in the absence of the president and assume other duties. The secretary-treasurer shall be responsible for the maintenance of Chapter records and financial information, and assume other duties.

Section 5– Chapter officers shall establish other Chapter policies, including those governing local dues, unless otherwise provided for in the bylaws.

Section 6 — In the event of a resignation of the president during his or her term, the vice president shall become president until the next election is held. If the vice presidency is vacant at the time of a presidential resignation, the secretary-treasurer shall become president. If the vice president or secretary-treasurer are unable to assume the presidency, an election among the general membership shall be held.

Section 7 – It shall be grounds for removal from office if any officer has failed to attend three consecutive meetings, regularly scheduled.

Section 8 – Upon a decision to terminate the Chapter, whether by dissolution, disbandment, revocation pursuant to the national bylaws, or otherwise, any remaining Chapter funds shall be distributed to an adjoining active Society then in good standing, to the Society or to the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation, as directed by the Chapter officers, or, in the absence of action within 60 days of termination by the local governing body, by the Board of Directors of the national Society.

Article IV – General

Section 1 – There shall be at least six meetings of the Chapter each year.

Section 2 — The Chapter shall give programming priority to the following topics: professional development, Freedom of Information, journalism ethics, newsroom or media diversity, community understanding of journalism.

Section 3 — The Chapter shall promote the future of journalism through efforts to attract or develop potential journalists.

revised 3/2012

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